Appalachian Bible College is excited to present "Aim True," a youth event featuring laser tag, prizes, a Bible challenge and more...

This extraordinarily fun youth night challenges teens to "set your sights on things above" as Colossians 3:1-2 tells us to focus our lives on things that will matter for eternity rather than on earthly, temporal things.

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Date Time Ministry Location
6:00 PM Sunbury Bible Church 135 Spruce Hollow Rd, Northumberland, PA
6:30 PM Faith Baptist Church 220 S 22nd St, Lebanon, PA
6:00 PM Berean Baptist Church 5526 Winchester Ave, Portsmouth, OH
6:00 PM Alleghany Highlands Teenweek 2140 S Carpenter Dr, Covington, VA
6:30 PM First Baptist Church 13887 Jennings Rd, Van Wert, OH
7:00 PM Little Sandy Baptist Church 3569 KY-3307, Greenup, KY
6:00 PM Tabernacle Baptist Church 2480 Fairystone Park Hwy, Bassett, VA
Previous Locations
Burlington Family Services

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