• According to Federal law, transcripts may only be requested by the person whose name appears on the transcript.
  • No transcripts are issued to any student until financial obligations with Appalachian Bible College are fully met.
  • Transcripts may be ordered by mail, fax, or email (email must be sent as a scanned attachment with your signature).
  • Please allow at least one week during the term and two weeks at the beginning or end of a term.

Transcript Request Procedures

  1. Complete Transcript Request Form

    Transcript Request Form

    Transcript request must be sent to ABC's Office of the Registrar via one of the following:

    • Mail:
      161 College Dr
      Mount Hope, WV 25880
    • Fax: 304-877-5082
    • Email: transcriptrequest@abc.edu (must be scanned with your signature)

  2. Pay $5 Transcript Request Fee

    Pay Fee Online