Applying to ABC

Do you believe God is leading you to study at Appalachian Bible College? Here is the information you will need to begin a smooth transition. If questions arise, contact ABC Admissions.

Admission Process

  1. Apply

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    You may also mail in a paper application to the admissions office. An application fee of $35 must be submitted with the application.

  2. Submit Forms


    Reference forms are provided by the College that must be completed by two people who are not relatives and can evaluate your character. An additional form is provided for your pastor or youth pastor. In the event that your pastor is your parent, another church leader may complete the reference form.

    Test Scores

    Either the SAT (code: 7305) or ACT (code: 4507) may be submitted as admission requirements. The minimum ACT score is 17, and the minimum SAT score is 910 (2016) or 1230 (pre-2016). In the event that you score lower than the minimum, ABC may provide you with a provisional acceptance.

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    A copy of all high school and/or college transcripts should be sent to the Admissions office, even if a college course will not apply as transfer credit. Partial transcripts must be sent in order to receive an acceptance decision and the final transcripts must be sent once the semester is complete. Contact your high school office or college registrar; request a transcript and send it to ABC Admissions. The GED test may also be used for admission.

    Medical Form

    A physican's medical exam is not necessary for completion of this form. However, if you plan to be involved in intercollegiate sports, a physican's exam is required.

  3. Processing

    Each application is submitted for evaluation to the Director of Admissions and/or the Admissions Committee which consists of the Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Student Services, and Director of Admissions. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by mail of the decision.

  4. Final Acceptance

    Final acceptance is granted once final transcripts are received from your high school and/or college with final grades and/or graduation dates. A deposit of $100 is also required for final acceptance. The deposit will be applied towards your tuition. Final acceptance is necessary in order for you to receive financial aid.

ABC admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, physical handicap, or age.