Appalachian Bible College is approved by the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for the training of international students.

International Student Admissions Requirements

English Test Scores

If English is not the official language of your country, you must demonstrate proof of proficiency in the English language by achieving the minimum score for one of the following tests:

An official copy of scores must be sent to ABC. If English is the official language of your country, you may take the ACT or SAT and have an official score report sent to ABC.

Medical Requirements

Complete the Medical Form that is provided online. Make sure your immunization dates are all listed, and answer a few general health questions. A Tuberculosis Skin Test may be requested after arrival in the United States.

Financial Requirements

Applicants must provide verification of financial resources to cover the first two semesters' tuition, room & board, books ($300), and fees. You must provide one of the following:

  • an official bank statement (no more than six months old) showing that you or your parents have funds on deposit equal to the total expenses for the first academic year, or
  • an affidavit of support when a sponsor is involved for financial support. Sponsorship is verified for the school and embassy through the I-134 Affidavit of Support Form.

The 2021-2022 amount required is $25,610

Scholarships may not be deducted from the amount you must verify.

Down Payment

A minimum down payment of $2,000.00 USD is required to complete your admissions requirements before a letter of acceptance and an I-20 are sent to you. Payments may be paid electronically or mailed to:

Appalachian Bible College
Admissions Department
161 College Drive
Mount Hope, WV 25880

Admissions Process

The admissions process for international students is the same as the standard admissions process, with the following exceptions:

  • Application Fee: If unable to pay the application fee online you may pay by sending a money order or U.S. check payable to Appalachian Bible College. Do not send foreign currency. ABC is not able to process international applications until the application fee is paid.
  • Transcripts: All documents and diplomas must be certified by the school issuing grades/diplomas and translated into English. Translations into English must be completed by a professional translation service. Faxed or scanned documents cannot be used for final acceptance.

American Consulate or Embassy Procedures:

After receiving the I-20 Form you must complete the Form I-901 available to download at You may complete Form I-901 online and pay the SEVIS fee by credit card (this will expedite the process), or mail it along with the appropriate fee to the address listed at the bottom of the form. Please follow the instructions.

This is a requirement of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, effective September 1, 2004. This fee covers the costs of processing immigration paperwork using the Student Exchange and Visitors Information System (SEVIS).

Once you pay the SEVIS fee and print your receipt (Form I-797) from the FMJFEE website, you are ready to make an appointment with an American consulate or embassy. Take your I-20, bank statement, Form I-797, with other required documents (check local requirements) to apply for an F-1 student visa.

***According to U.S. visa laws and regulations, all non–immigrant visa applicants must demonstrate to the consular officer that they have strong ties to their country of residence and must show that they intend to depart the United States after their temporary visit.  While there is no specific list of documents to be provided or things that must be done in order to demonstrate strong ties outside of the United States, applicants may wish to bring a variety of materials that can assist in demonstrating these ties.  Be prepared to demonstrate that you have been accepted by ABC, that you are able to afford your studies, that you have specific reasons for choosing ABC, and that you have sufficient ties to your home country that would ensure your return after graduation. Notify ABC when you have obtained your visa and when you plan to arrive in the United States.

Arrival Information:

If you are planning to arrive in the United States within three days of the semester start date, ground transportation can be provided from either the Raleigh County Airport in Beckley, WV, or the Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV. You must notify ABC in advance by email or phone.

Requirements for ABC Applicants Having F-1 Student Visas

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Attend Appalachian Bible College, the school stated on the I-20.
  • Carry a full academic course load (twelve credit hours per semester) and make reasonable progress toward a degree.
  • Report any changes in status immediately to the college DSO.
  • Report to ABC's International Student Advisor/Designated School Official within one week of arriving on campus.

Prior Planning is Necessary

  • The normal cycle to process these documents and records is four to six months.
  • A student studying at another U.S. college/university with a current I-20, who wishes to transfer to ABC, must contact ABC's Admissions Office to request admissions procedures and is advised to consult with their current college's International Student Advisor for transfer procedures.

You are encouraged to stay in regular contact with ABC’s Director of Admissions during the admissions process and with our International Student Advisor once you have completed the admissions process. Email is the best way to stay connected. Please let the Director of Admissions know when you are scheduled for your appointment with the American Embassy/Consulate, so that ABC staff can pray especially for you on that day.

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