2019 Gospel Heralds Team: Andrew Stevens, Andrew Taylor, Malorie Rinehart, Michaela Patrick, Caleb Ellison, Rebekah Estell, Allison Bowsher, Josiah Yowell, Titus Yogerst
Gospel Heralds Music Ensemble

Our God is Great & Mighty

The 2019 Gospel Heralds, a nine-member ensemble, present Our God is Great & Mighty, a collection of sacred music praising the greatness of God—our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, and King. Concerts are free and enjoyable for all ages.
In select locations, the Gospel Heralds are also presenting Aim True, a youth event featuring laser tag.

Date Time Ministry Location
1:00 PM (canceled) Piney View Bible Church - Aim True youth event 2034 Stanaford Rd, Piney View, WV
10:00 AM (canceled) Landmark Baptist Church 1514 Harrison Ave, Elkins, WV
6:00 PM (canceled) Piney View Bible Church 2034 Stanaford Rd, Piney View, WV
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