Fall 2017 - Spring 2018. All costs are per semester unless otherwise noted. 

General Fees

Full-Time (12+ hours)

Tuition (12-19 hrs) $6,315
Tuition (over 19 hrs) $285 per hour over 19
Matriculation Fee $675
Health Fee $155

Online Classes are charged separately and are not included in the Full-Time tuition. See Online Costs

Part-Time (under 12 hours)

Tuition $385 per hour
Matriculation $41 per hour
Health Fee (7+ hours) $155
Audit Fee $60 per hour


Resident Student

Room & Board $3,860
Hoops Hall Room additional $160
Private Room (upon approval) additional $300
Dorm Room Deposit $100 per year
Dorm Room Key Deposit $25 per year

Married Students

Appalachian Village - 3BR $630 per month*
Appalachian Village - 5BR $755 per month*
Appalachian Village Deposit $750
Appalachian Village Application $25
*Village Rent includes water, sewer, garbage, internet and parking. Rent does not include electricity.

Other Fees

Course Related Fees

Course Drop/Add $5
Late Registration Fee $10 per day ($30 max)
Program Change Fee $5
Music Lessons (Music Majors) $117
Music Lessons (Non-Music Majors) $355
Camping Skills Class $15-30
Chorale/Jubilate Performance Attire varies
Other specialty course fees vary

Miscellaneous Fees

Yearbook (7+ hours) $55 per year
Payment Plan Admin. Fee $50
Late Payment Fee $10
Parking Fee $10 per year
Mailbox Key Deposit $10
Application (one-time) $35
Confirmation deposit (applies to tuition) $100
Graduation (one-time) $60
Email Business Office