Scripture records that David used his harp to minister physically, emotionally, and spiritually to the wearied King Saul. Skilled musicians can have a powerful impact on the spiritual well-being of individuals and whole cultures!

At Appalachian Bible College, the accredited Music degree with the Performance concentration will equip you to reach your fullest musical potential for the edification of others and ultimately for the glory of God. Earning a double major in Bible / Theology and Music - Performance, could be the best step you take towards a wide range of vocational possibilities or further education.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

As a Music major with the Performance concentration at ABC, you will learn to take constructive criticism from both your instructors and classmates. Through your weekly lesson, biweekly Performance Class, and semester recitals, you will have ample opportunities to hone the skill of performing in front of a crowd. Additionally, you will perform in the semester juries—a final exam of sorts in which you will perform in front of the music faculty for a final grade.

In order to gain experience, you will have numerous opportunities to minister through chapel services at ABC and through ensembles that travel West Virginia and the U.S.

Your degree in Music - Performance will culminate in a senior recital performed in the 750-seat Anderson Hall. This will be the capstone of everything learned in your four years of study. The recital will include selections in various musical styles ranging from the Baroque period to the 20th century, as well as a number of sacred selections.

Within Music - Performance, you will declare a principal instrument from the following:

  • Voice
  • Keyboard (piano or organ)
  • Orchestral Instrument
  • Composition
  • Choral Conducting

Our Faculty

Mrs. Rosalie Anderson – Professor

Mrs. Rosalie Anderson - 


In the area of music performance, our goal as music faculty is not simply to help students perfect their music skills. We will guide them to sharpen and refine their talents so that they are equipped to communicate the Word of God to the world—whether as a soloist, ensemble member, accompanist, or composer/arranger.

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Why Music?


From the earliest days of human civilization until today, music has been a means of finding relief and enjoying the beauty of organized sound. Skillful musicians will always be in demand.

Of course, for Christian musicians the top goal is not simply to entertain. Through music, we want to edify believers and glorify God. Additionally, and perhaps more than ever before, music can be a powerful cross-cultural means of evangelism.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Solo Performance Ministry
  • Collaborative Pianist
  • Accompanist
  • Private Studio Instructor
  • Church Musician
  • Studio Musician
  • Christian Recording Artist
  • Church Music Arranger / Composer
  • College Instructor (with graduate school)
  • Music Therapist (with graduate school)

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Classical repertoire and sacred music literature in your principal instrument confident music ministry in the public arena.
advanced technical and expressive skills independent practice and proficient performance.
comprehensive music theory, history, and aural skills a strong preparation for continuing graduate education in music.

Music - Performance Courses

What's Next?

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